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A Ruby on Rails based status monitor.

Graphical Interfaces

Almir (web written in Python)


A perl/gtk graphical restore interface. It is available in Bacula cvs (gui module)



A perl web interface that allows you to launch job, follow execution, manage media, location, autochanger… It is available in Bacula svn (GUI module)



A php (Zend Framework) web interface for monitoring and restoring files

The basic features of the program :

  • Full supported MySQL, PostgreSQL and Sqlite databases.
  • Run Job
  • Restore all files or selected files from Job by JobId
  • Restore the most recent backup for a client
  • Restore backup for a client before a specified time
  • Show Timeline for Jobs
  • Mount, umount Storages
  • Show Jobs which executed with errors (during last 7 days)
  • Show a condition of your Volumes
  • Show scheduled Jobs (at 24 hours forward)
  • Show all running Jobs
  • Show terminated Jobs (executed in last 24 hours)
  • Search Jobs on several conditions
  • The detailed information on Pools, Volumes, Storages and Clients
  • RSS feed
  • Multilingual support - standard gettext (*.mo) files. Currently supported languages: English, French, German, Portuguese Brazil, Russian.

Logbook - is simple electronic journal of backups. Records in logbook are insert, modify, delete manually by the operator. Records can contain links (usual web-links on which it is possible to click) to Bacula Jobs or links to other records of this logbook. In logbook insert records, for example, about Jobs, failures of the equipment, supernumerary situations, etc. Logbook stored in a separate database “webacula”.

Webacula main page

Receive the newest stable version :

git clone git://


git clone git://


Webmin puts a GUI on lots of system administration tasks and has a module for bacula.

* Bacula Backup System 1.450
* Description 	Configure Bacula to perform backups and restores manually or on schedule, for one or many systems
* Download 	bacula-backup.wbm.gz
* Website
* Author 	Jamie Cameron
* Last updated 	2009-01-27 01:35:47


Bacula-Web is a web based tool written in PHP which provide you an high level summary on your Bacula jobs, pools, volumes, etc

This project have been created by Juan Luis Frances in 2006 and after few years of inactivity, it have been revived since August 2010 (mainly maintained by Davide Franco)

Main features

  • Monitor multiple Bacula instances through the same web interface
  • Get useful information about your Bacula catalog database such as Pools, Volumes, FileSet, Jobs, etc.
  • Last 24 hours, week, month or beginning of time Jobs status
  • Show jobs logs
  • Report about last backup, restore jobs
  • Backup jobs and clients report
  • Pools and volumes list
  • User authentication
  • and much more features …

Project web site:


Bug tracker:

Latest version: version 8.4.4 (released on October 10th 2021)



Reportula ← Check The Version in Developement


Reportula is a web based tool which provide you an high level summary on your Bacula jobs and your Bacula Server Statistics.

This tool was created by Pedro Oliveira in the beginning of 2011. He his Bacula Backups Administrator for FCCN -


  • Display last jobs status
  • Display volumes usage by pool
  • Full supported MySQL, PostgreSQL and Sqlite databases.
  • etc …
  • Show Jobs which executed with errors last day, week, month
  • Show a condition of your Volumes
  • Show terminated Jobs
  • Search Jobs on several conditions
  • The detailed information on Pools, Volumes, Storages and Clients


In Developing


Current version


Send Bacula Backup Report

This is a perl program that send a digest email of the backup jobs run in the last X days, you can run it every morning to notify about the state of every job run in the night, or every monday to get the state of the week-end backups. Send Bacula Backup Report use Bweb's layout and functions.

Bacula Boss's Report

Generate a spreadsheet containing a report of what Bacula save: jobname, fileset, pre-post scripts ecc. All written in a human readable's format. It's useful to generate periodic reports or when your boss ask for a “report of what we are saving right now”: bacula's web interface may be your first thought, but an xls file it's easier to share with other managers, and access to the bacula's web interface may be restricted in a separated nework or similar.

Schedule job cancellation so that backup only work within it's time period. Useful example would be cancelling job before the start of working hours.

A script to assist in sequentially loading and erasing all the tapes in a library.


A simple program that can create barcode labels suitable for use in tapes.


A program similar to the dd utility designed to recover data from flaky media by means of repeated reads. Effectively, it will try to recover data from media such as tapes by reading them over and over again until it gets a good read on every block.

This is a perl script designed to recreate your bsr files after migration jobs.

Another perl script designed to load and wipe all tapes in an autochanger.

rotation even/odd

Use these two scripts as run before scripts to set up an even/odd job rotation schedule.


BaculaFS is a tool that exposes the Bacula catalog and storage as a Filesystem in USErspace (FUSE).


BReport is a set of Jasper Reports designed for PostgreSQL which are very similar to the reports in Bacula Web with the advantage that Jasper Server can schedule and email these reports which give a more general view of the data than the standard emails.

Python Bacula Configuration Framework

bacula_configuration is a framework being used in production to manage the configuration of Bacula across a medium-size installation, managing clients, directors, multiple catalogs and SDs with multiple storage daemons running. The framework, as written, pretty much assumes that you will be using File storage, though it is quite extensible and customizable

Python Bacula Report Gantt Chart Generator

This tiny python script can generate gantt charts based on your jobs.



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