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This program permits a number of elementary tape operations via a tty command interface. The test command, described below, can be very useful for testing tape drive compatibility problems. Aside from initial testing of tape drive compatibility with Bacula, btape will be mostly used by developers writing new tape drivers.

btape can be dangerous to use with existing Bacula tapes because it will relabel a tape or write on the tape if so requested regardless of whether or not the tape contains valuable data, so please be careful and use it only on blank tapes.

To work properly, btape needs to read the Storage daemon's configuration file. As a default, it will look for bacula-sd.conf in the current directory. If your configuration file is elsewhere, please use the -c option to specify where.

The physical device name or the Device resource name must be specified on the command line, and this same device name must be present in the Storage daemon's configuration file read by btape

Usage: btape [options] device_name
       -b <file>   specify bootstrap file
       -c <file>   set configuration file to file
       -d <nn>     set debug level to nn
       -p          proceed inspite of I/O errors
       -s          turn off signals
       -v          be verbose
       -?          print this message.
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