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Customizing the Configuration Files

When each of the Bacula programs starts, it reads a configuration file, either specified on the command line, or the default bacula-dir.conf, bacula-fd.conf, bacula-sd.conf, or console.conf for the Director daemon, the File daemon, the Storage daemon, and the Console program respectively. These files will be looked for in the directory you specified during build, or /etc/bacula for binary installations.

Each service (Director, Client, Storage, Console) has its own configuration file containing a set of Resource definitions. These resources are very similar from one service to another, but may contain different directives (records) depending on the service. For example, in the Director's resource file, the Director resource defines the name of the Director, a number of global Director parameters and its password. In the File daemon configuration file, the Director resource specifies which Directors are permitted to use the File daemon.

Before running Bacula for the first time, you must customize the configuration files for each daemon. Default configuration files will have been created by the installation process, but you will need to modify them to correspond to your system. An overall view of the resources can be seen in the following:

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