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Supported Autochangers

Copied from Bacula Manual, original at: Bacula Manual: Supported Autochangers then edited.

I hesitate to call these “supported” autochangers because the only autochangers that I have in my possession and am able to test are the HP SureStore DAT40X6 and the Overland PowerLoader LTO-2. All the other autochangers have been reported to work by Bacula users. Note, in the Capacity/Slot column below, I quote the Compressed capacity per tape (or Slot).

Since on most systems (other than FreeBSD), Bacula uses mtx through the mtx-changer script, in principle, if mtx will operate your changer correctly, then it is just a question of adapting the mtx-changer script (or selecting one already adapted) for proper interfacing. You can find a list of autochangers supported by mtx at the following link: The home page for the mtx project can be found at:

OS Man. Media Model Slots Cap/Slot
LinuxAdicDDS-3Adic 1200G12-
LinuxAdicDLTFastStore 4000 7 20GB
LinuxAdicLTO-1/2, SDLT 320Adic Scalar 2424100GB
LinuxAdic LTO-2 Adic FastStor 2, Sun Storedge L8 8 200GB
Linux BDT AIT BDT ThinStor ? 200GB
- CA-VM ?? Tape ?? ??
Linux Dell DLT VI,LTO-2,LTO3 PowerVault 122T/132T/136T - 100GB
Linux Dell LTO-2 PowerVault 124T - 200GB
Linux Dell LTO-4 PowerVault 124T - 800GB
- DFSMS ?? VM RMM - ??
Linux Exabyte VXA2 VXA PacketLoader 1×10 2U 10 80/160GB
- Exabyte LTO Magnum 1×7 LTO Tape Auotloader 7 200/400GB
Linux Exabyte AIT-2 215A 15 (2 drives) 50GB
Linux HP DDS-4 SureStore DAT-40×6 6 40GB
Linux HP Ultrium-2/LTO MSL 6000/ 60030/ 5052 28 200/400GB
- HP DLT A4853 DLT 30 40/70GB
Linux HP (Compaq) DLT VI Compaq TL-895 96+4 import export 35/70GB
z/VM IBM ?? IBM Tape Manager - ??
z/VM IBM ?? native tape - ??
Linux IBM LTO IBM 3581 Ultrium Tape Loader 7 200/400GB
FreeBSD 5.4 IBM DLT IBM 3502-R14 – rebranded ATL L-500 14 35/70GB
Linux IBM ??? IBM TotalStorage 3582L23 ?? ??
Debian Overland LTO Overland LoaderXpress LTO/DLT8000 10-19 40-100GB
Fedora Overland LTO Overland PowerLoader LTO-2 10-19 200/400GB
FreeBSD 5.4-Stable Overland LTO-2 Overland Powerloader tape 17 100GB
- Overland LTO Overland Neo2000 LTO 26-30 100GB
Linux Quantum DLT-S4 Superloader 3 16 800/1600GB
Linux Quantum LTO-2 Superloader 3 16 200/400GB
Linux Quantum LTO-3 PX502 ?? ??
FreeBSD 4.9 QUALSTAR TLS-4210AIT1: 36GB, AIT2: 50GB all uncomp QUALSTAR TLS-4210 12 AIT1 36GB, AIT2: 50GB all uncomp
Linux Skydata DLT ATL-L200 8 40/80
- Sony DDS-4 TSL-11000 8 40GB
Linux Sony AIT-2 LIB-304(SDX-500C) ? 200GB
Linux Sony AIT-3 LIB-D81) ? 200GB
FreeBSD 4.9-STABLE Sony AIT-1 TSL-SA300C 4 45/70GB
- Storagetek DLT Timberwolf DLT 6 40/70
- Storagetek ?? ACSLS ?? ??
Solaris Sun 4mm DLT Sun Desktop Archive Python 29279 4 20GB
Linux Tandberg DLT VI VS 640 8? 35/70GB
Linux 2.6.x Tandberg Data SLR100 SLR100 Autoloader 8 50/100GB

See also: Hardware Results

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