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Accurate restoration of renamed/deleted files

Date 28 November 2005
Origin Martin Simmons (martin at lispworks dot com)

When restoring a fileset for a specified date (including “most recent”), Bacula should give you exactly the files and directories that existed at the time of the last backup prior to that date.

Currently this only works if the last backup was a Full backup. When the last backup was Incremental/Differential, files and directories that have been renamed or deleted since the last Full backup are not currently restored correctly. Ditto for files with extra/fewer hard links than at the time of the last Full backup.

Merging of multiple backups into a single one seems to rely on this working, otherwise the merged backups will not be truly equivalent to a Full backup.

Kern: notes shortened. This can be done without the need for inodes. It is essentially the same as the current Verify job, but one additional database record must be written, which does not need any database change.

Kern: see if we can correct restoration of directories if replace=ifnewer is set. Currently, if the directory does not exist, a “dummy” directory is created, then when all the files are updated, the dummy directory is newer so the real values are not updated.

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