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Howto create a bacula plugin for pebuilder / bartpe

Until there is a pebuilder or bartpe plugin in the official release again you will have to build yourself one. Here is how. It isn't difficult.

Step 1

Install winbacula-2.2.4.exe from here


install pebuilder from here


Step 2

Create a new folder in the plugins folder of your pebuilder installation named “bacula” or whatever you want. For simplicity I assume you named it bacula.

Step 3

Gunzip those files into that folder:



Step 4

Create the folder “files” in the bacula folder and copy the whole content of

C:\Programm Files\Bacula

or wherever you installed bacula into the files folder. The files folder should now contain

  • a bin folder (bacula.inf doesn't check if everything is in place here, so don't modify the winbacula installation.)
  • a doc folder
  • LICENSE file
  • openssl.cnf file (don't know if it is needed, but I configured bacula.inf to expect it)
  • Readme.txt file

Step 5

Create the folder “conf” in the files folder and copy your configuration files there. You don't need to edit them now, as you can edit them on the fly after starting your computer with bart pe, but maybe you want to switch everything related to working directories to B:\ now as you will have to do that later all the time if you don't do it now. The configuration files are expected to be named as

  • bacula-fd.conf for the client
  • bconsole.conf for the console
  • bwx-console.conf for the bwx-console

Step 6

Happily burn your BartPE CD.


In the Nu2Menu you will have a Bacula submenu under Programms with the following entries:

  1. “Copy Bacula File Client Config To Ramdisk” This copies the bacula-fd.conf which you put under plugins/bacula/files/conf to b:\
  2. “Edit Bacula File Client Config On Ramdisk” This opens b:\bacula-fd.conf with notepad, such that you have the opportunity to change the file and don't need to reburn the whole cd if you have a typo in e.g. the password.
  3. “Install Bacula Client Service” This installs the services, it expects b:\bacula-fd.conf to exists. Nothing happens.
  4. “Start Bacula Client Service” This starts the service a textwindow should pop up and vanish in the next few seconds. You can check wether the service runs by typing net start bacula-fd at cmd.exe. Yes it is really bacula-fd and not bacula. Don't know why.

There are a few items more but you can guess what they do :-)

Have fun and enjoy!

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