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Bacula Admin l & ll Training 2017

Bacula Admin l

The Bacula Admin l training helps new or existing administrators of Bacula (community or Enterprise Edition) acquire the knowledge they need to install, configure and operate the solution in a production environment, quickly and effectively.

After completing the course, you will be able to perform the following tasks:

  • Obtain the Bacula code
  • Build, install and configure Bacula on your own system
  • Design and run a backup scheme
  • Configure backup jobs for disks and auto-changers
  • Diagnose and debug problems
  • Learn to monitor day-to-day operations
  • Set up and perform restore operations

Schedule for 2017

Month Date Location
January 10-11-12 Brussels - Belgium
February 7-8-9 Brussels - Belgium
March 7-8-9 San Antonio - USA
March 14-15-16 Brussels - Belgium
March 21-22-23 Paris la Défense - France
April 4-5-6 Yverdon-les-Bains - Switzerland
June 13-14-15 Yverdon-les-Bains - Switzerland
June 13-14-15 Paris la Défense - France
September 5-6-7 Yverdon-les-Bains - Switzerland
October 3-4-5 New Jersey - USA
October 10-11-12 Paris La Défense - France
November 21-22-23-24 Paris la Défense - France
December 5-6-7 Paris La Défense - France

For more information:


Admin l: https://www.open-future.be/content/bacula-administrator-i-training-0


Admin l: http://www.teicee.com/informatique/sauvegarde-donnees/bacula-la-solution-open-source-de-sauvegarde-reseau/formation-administrateur-bacula.html

Admin ll: http://www.teicee.com/informatique/sauvegarde-donnees/bacula-la-solution-open-source-de-sauvegarde-reseau/formation-administrateur-ii-bacula.html

Switzerland and USA

Admin l: http://www.baculasystems.com/bacula-administrator-i-training-course

Admin ll: http://www.baculasystems.com/bacula-administrator-ii-training-course