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Documentation License Change


As part of the website redesign (still in progress), we have also reworked the Bacula manuals to fix the broken links between the 5 documents as well as to include a new more modern cover page.  Hopefully before the end of March when the next Bacula release is scheduled (it may be deferred into April if the testing doesn’t go well), I will also have found the time to do a bit of cleanup of the manual and backport the cleanups/clarifications that we have made to the Enterprise manual.

I am considering (90% decided) to switch the license of the Bacula community documentation from the current GNU Free Documentation License to the Community Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License.

For you as users, as far as I can see (I am not a lawyer) there is little difference as the new CC-BY-SA gives you the same rights and is a Free Software license.  The difference is that people who want to copy or fork it will be required to keep the attributions.  To ensure that the attributions are correct I will start a new documentation attributions file probably named DOC-AUTHORS which will contain all the names of the contributors. The purpose of this email is three fold:

1. To solicit your feedback on this possible license change.  For more details see:




2. If you have contributed to the manuals but are not the list and want to be on the list, please send me your name, email address, and a rough idea of  what you contributed.

3. If you do not want your name on this list, please let me know, and I will remove it.

Best regards,

Status Report 07 Feb 2014

Bacula Status report 7 February 2014

First, I would like to thank all of you who have both on and off the Bacula lists sent me very kind emails thanking me and encouraging me.

The main purposes of this email are:

1.  Bacula

2 The Bacula Conference

1. Bacula:

I know that some of you are worried about the Bacula project and where it is going. I want to assure that everything is OK, and that we have quite a number of exciting new features and many other benefits for the community coming up. They have been long planned  and are just now coming to fruition.


As has historically been the case, in addition to a few recent community contributions, there will be some significant contributions from Bacula Systems to the next Bacula version.  Please see the following link for the list of contributions to the Bacula project which is easy for anyone to validate:


The list of flowback contributions to the community from Bacula Systems for the next version (March-April) now has twenty three new features, plus a new product, and that number is growing almost daily so will be even bigger by the time the release is made.  I plan to make the official announcement of these features at the Bacula Conference in Berlin on 21 March 2014.

We also already have a list of four additional major Bacula Enterprise features that will flow back in to a subsequent Bacula community version to be released toward the end of the year.

3. The Bacula Conference

As I mentioned above, the first International Bacula Users and Partners Conference (http://www.baculaconference.org/) will be held in Berlin on the 21st of March 2014.  If you have not registered for this Conference, please do so as seats are filling quickly.  Entrance is free.  You can register at the following link:


During the Conference, I will present Bacula roadmap and make some important announcements for our community. If you want to meet me, other developers and contributors to Bacula as well as hear about Bacula Systems, this is the place to go.

I am excited about the meeting and will be delighted to meet you in Berlin, Germany on the 21st of March and have the opportunity to have a chat with each and everyone.  Also, there will be a dinner on the 20th the eve of the conference, offered by Bacula Systems, so don’t forget to reserve your seat when you register for the Conference day.

Looking forward to seeing you in Berlin,

Kern Sibbald