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Bacula Release 9.2.1

14 August 2018

We are pleased to announce the minor bug and refactoring release version 9.2.1. This is a bug fix release. It also contains some refactoring. That said, there are 10,909 lines of diff between release 9.2.0 and this release. One major improvement is that this release should eliminate the persistent problem we have seen with MySQL […]


Bacula Release 9.2.0

25 July 2018

We are pleased to announce that we have just released Bacula version 9.2.0 to Source Forge and to In addition, a new version of Baculum (Web GUI interface) will be released shortly. This is one of the biggest Bacula release ever made. It has almost 540,000 lines of diff output between Release 9.0.8 and […]



Supported Autochangers

I hesitate to call these “supported” autochangers because the only autochangers that I have in my possession and am able to test are the HP SureStore DAT40X6 and the Overland PowerLoader LTO-2. All the other autochangers have been reported to work by Bacula users. Note, in the Capacity/Slot column below, I quote the Compressed capacity per tape (or Slot).

Since on most systems (other than FreeBSD), Bacula uses mtx through the mtx-changer script, in principle, if mtx will operate your changer correctly, then it is just a question of adapting the mtx-changer script (or selecting one already adapted) for proper interfacing. You can find a list of autochangers supported by mtx at the following link: The home page for the mtx project can be found at:

OS Man. Media Model Slots Cap/Slot
Linux Adic DDS-3 Adic 1200G 12
Linux Adic DLT FastStore 4000 7 20GB
Linux Adic LTO-1/2, SDLT 320 Adic Scalar 24 24 100GB
Linux Adic LTO-2 Adic FastStor 2, Sun Storedge L8 8 200GB
Linux BDT AIT BDT ThinStor ? 200GB
CA-VM ?? Tape ?? ??
Linux Dell DLT VI,LTO-2,LTO3 PowerVault 122T/132T/136T 100GB
Linux Dell LTO-2 PowerVault 124T 200GB
Linux Exabyte VXA2 VXA PacketLoader 1×10 2U 10 80/160GB
Exabyte LTO Magnum 1×7 LTO Tape Auotloader 7 200/400GB
Linux Exabyte AIT-2 215A 15 (2 drives) 50GB
Linux HP DDS-4 SureStore DAT-40X6 6 40GB
Linux HP Ultrium-2/LTO MSL 6000/ 60030/ 5052 28 200/400GB
HP DLT A4853 DLT 30 40/70GB
Linux HP (Compaq) DLT VI Compaq TL-895 96+4 import export 35/70GB
z/VM IBM ?? IBM Tape Manager ??
z/VM IBM ?? native tape ??
Linux IBM LTO IBM 3581 Ultrium Tape Loader 7 200/400GB
FreeBSD 5.4 IBM DLT IBM 3502-R14 – rebranded ATL L-500 14 35/70GB
Linux IBM ??? IBM TotalStorage 3582L23 ?? ??
Debian Overland LTO Overland LoaderXpress LTO/DLT8000 10-19 40-100GB
Fedora Overland LTO Overland PowerLoader LTO-2 10-19 200/400GB
FreeBSD 5.4-Stable Overland LTO-2 Overland Powerloader tape 17 100GB
Overland LTO Overland Neo2000 LTO 26-30 100GB
Linux Quantum DLT-S4 Superloader 3 16 800/1600GB
Linux Quantum LTO-2 Superloader 3 16 200/400GB
Linux Quantum LTO-3 PX502 ?? ??
FreeBSD 4.9 QUALSTAR TLS-4210 (Qualstar) AIT1: 36GB, AIT2: 50GB all uncomp QUALSTAR TLS-4210 12 AIT1: 36GB, AIT2: 50GB all uncomp
Linux Skydata DLT ATL-L200 8 40/80
Sony DDS-4 TSL-11000 8 40GB
Linux Sony AIT-2 LIB-304(SDX-500C) ? 200GB
Linux Sony AIT-3 LIB-D81) ? 200GB
FreeBSD 4.9-STABLE Sony AIT-1 TSL-SA300C 4 45/70GB
Storagetek DLT Timberwolf DLT 6 40/70
Storagetek ?? ACSLS ?? ??
Solaris Sun 4mm DLT Sun Desktop Archive Python 29279 4 20GB
Linux Tandberg DLT VI VS 640 8? 35/70GB
Linux 2.6.x Tandberg Data SLR100 SLR100 Autoloader 8 50/100GB


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