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Release 9.0.3

8 August 2017

We are pleased to announce that we have just released Bacula version 9.0.3 This is a minor bug fix release and mainly fixes the single drive mount/unmount problem. 08Aug17 – baculum: Fix access denied error on api install wizard page – baculum: Remove assigning to api host when user is deleted – baculum: Fix empty […]


Release 9.0.2

24 July 2017

We are pleased to announce that we have just released Bacula version 9.0.2 This is a minor bug fix release, but a few of the bugs are important. The main items fixed are: – Postgresql should now work with Postgresql prior to 9.0 Note: the ssl connection feature added in 9.0 is not available on […]



Supported Operating Systems

   Fully supported

    These are reported to work in many cases and the Community has committed code for them.
However they are not directly supported by the Bacula project, as we do not have the hardware.

Operating Systems Version Client Daemon Director Daemon Storage Daemon
GNU/Linux All
FreeBSD > 5.0
Solaris > 8
MS Windows 32bit Win98/Me    
MS Windows 64bit 2008/Vista
MacOS X/Darwin  
AIX > 4.3    


Important notes


  • By GNU/Linux, we mean 32/64bit Gentoo, Red Hat, Fedora, Mandriva, Debian, OpenSuSE, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, … 
  • For FreeBSD older than version 5.0, please see some important considerations in the Tape Modes on FreeBSDFreeBSDTapes section of the Tape Testing chapter of this manual. 
  • MS Windows Director and Storage daemon are available in the binary Client installer 
  • For MacOSX see for obtaining the packages

See the Porting chapter of the Bacula Developer’s Guide for information on porting to other systems.

If you have a older Red Hat Linux system running the 2.4.x kernel and you have the directory /lib/tls installed on your system (normally by default), bacula will NOT run. This is the new pthreads library and it is defective. You must remove this directory prior to running Bacula, or you can simply change the name to /lib/tls-broken) then you must reboot your machine (one of the few times Linux must be rebooted). If you are not able to remove/rename /lib/tls, an alternative is to set the environment variable “LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.19” prior to executing Bacula. For this option, you do not need to reboot, and all programs other than Bacula will continue to use /lib/tls. The above mentioned /lib/tls problem does not occur with Linux 2.6 kernels.

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