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Bacula Release 9.2.1

14 August 2018

We are pleased to announce the minor bug and refactoring release version 9.2.1. This is a bug fix release. It also contains some refactoring. That said, there are 10,909 lines of diff between release 9.2.0 and this release. One major improvement is that this release should eliminate the persistent problem we have seen with MySQL […]


Bacula Release 9.2.0

25 July 2018

We are pleased to announce that we have just released Bacula version 9.2.0 to Source Forge and to In addition, a new version of Baculum (Web GUI interface) will be released shortly. This is one of the biggest Bacula release ever made. It has almost 540,000 lines of diff output between Release 9.0.8 and […]



White Papers

The following white papers have been adapted to the community version and provided for your personal use by Bacula Systems SA in the hopes that you will find them useful in producing a production backup environment with Bacula.

  • Bacula API PDF
  • Bacula REST API documentation.

  • Bacula Concept Guide PDF <
  • Basic Bacula concepts.

  • Bacula Binary Installation Guide PDF <
  • How To for installing Bacula Community Binaries.

  • Bacula Hardware Sizing PDF
  • Brief documentation on how to size hardware for use with Bacula.

  • Bacula Regression Testing PDF
  • How To do regression testing on binaries build from source.

  • Best Practices for Disk Backup PDF
  • How to recommendations for doing disk based backups with Bacula.

  • Deduplication Optimized Volumes PDF
  • How to use the Bacula Aligned plugin to write volumes that can be deduplicated by underlying storage deduplication engines such as ZFS and NetApp.

  • Disk Backup Design PDF
  • More comprehensive how to for using the Bacula virtual disk changer for optimizing disk backups.

  • Disk Migration PDF
  • How to for doing Copy and Migration jobs.

  • Perl
  • For large sites — how to do manual pruning with a script. Improves backup performance by doing pruning in
    a separate Job rather than automatically at the end of each Job.

  • Object Storage (Cloud) with Bacula PDF
  • How to use the Bacula S3 Cloud plugin to backup to S3 compatible cloud based storage.

  • Progressive Virtual Full Backups PDF
  • How to implement Progressive Virtual Full Jobs.

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